What does the Tiny House Company do?

Core Goals

As a collaborative team of professionals and subject matter experts, the Company focuses on addressing the following core goals:

  • Job creation (current Bridgeport poverty level is higher than 23%[1])
  • Supporting anti-blight[2]initiatives
  • Restoring and developing public housing
  • Restoring and developing neighborhood communities
  • Providing world class, home-based elderly care
  • Proactively addressing the issue of homelessness
  • Developing and providing Granny Pods for the elderly
  • Continually improving our reputation as experts in our niche housing market

Keys to Success

The Company embraces the following key practices and resources to ensure success:

  • Ensuring proper directional flow via guidance from an established Advisory Board
  • Strictly adhering to due diligence, timelines and industry guidelines
  • Continually focus project management to deliver unprecedented value
  • Solid and experienced management team
  • Streamlined operational efficiency
  • Execution of sound strategic management principles
  • Setting ambitious yet realistic goals
  • Innovative performance tracking

The Tiny House Company Architect Plans 1
The Tiny House Moving House 2

Market & Needs Analysis

Through community surveys, official public reports and first-hand professional experience, the Company has identified large-scale societal dilemmas which may be addressed by focused housing development projects. The Company’s mission is built around the following economic and social needs:

  • Affordable public and private housing
  • Job creation initiatives
  • Anti-blight measurements
  • Shelter for the homelessness
  • Elderly care solutions
  • Aging baby boomer support
  • Granny Pods (to address drastically increasing healthcare costs)
  • Collaboration with all levels of government to address related existing issues