About Us

Headquartered in Bridgeport, Connecticut, The Tiny House Company is a currently operational, minority-owned team of cooperative and like-minded humanitarians who are actively engaged in developing affordable, accessible and sustainable housing for those in need.


The Company focuses on urban blight issues and building structures that may be relocated to non-conforming lots. By producing tiny homes and shipping container units, the Company addresses significant concerns in the local area including homelessness, disabled residents, veterans, unused land, senior care and several related issues while transforming the landscape and improving aesthetics for a better community.


The Company efficiently melds traditional building techniques with modern, innovative and emerging best practices in order to produce unique and sustainable housing solutions. In addition to leveraging traditional materials, the Company is able to strategically traverse complex human and natural habitat dilemmas by integrating retired shipping containers into product designs that may serve as stand-alone units or as frameworks for entire neighborhood systems.


The Company works in collaboration with more than a dozen professional firms and private contractors in order to comprehensively meet interconnected social, cultural, economic, legal, environmental and aesthetic aspects which are inherent considerations of housing development.


The essential core value of the Company is community. In all planning, logistical, organization and executional processes, the Company maintains a commitment to serve local populations, and all members of the Company team embrace loving, deep-rooted and long-standing personal connections with these communities.


The Company is currently able to produce approximately ten housing units every two weeks. Through steady growth and ongoing innovation, the Company aims to reach a minimum sustainable output of 20 units per week by the year 2019.